Live in Care Costs

How Much Does a Live in Carer Cost?

Live in Care at Home – Guidance on living in care costs

We do not charge any Initial Registration Fee or Assessment Fee, unlike some well-known introduction agencies. The Self-Employed Live-in Carers will negotiate their own charge rate with you, (subject to our final approval to ensure fairness). You need to pay the Payment Service this agreed payment each week in advance of the care being delivered.

Affordable quality live-in care is achievable and is a cost-effective alternative to a residential care home. Including agency fees, the average cost for help with personal care or mild dementia, for those with a terminal illness, clients who need help with catheters or medication, have had a stroke or are suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, the average cost could be between £840 and £1078 per week.

Depending on a client’s care requirements, respite live-in care, (minimum two weeks), is also available, costing from £952 per week, including our 15% agency commission and the payment platform charge.

Affordable quality live-in care is achievable and is a cost-effective alternative to a residential care home.

Our Live in Care Costs are fully transparent from the beginning

We take the stress out of finding compatible, fully trained live-in carers for our clients through a robust and very detailed interview process. We are always on the end of the telephone, 24/7, for advice and guidance.

All costs can be variable based on the level of care required and the number of people in the home to be cared for.

Public Holidays are charged at double the normal rate.

It can be a very daunting prospect to consider but the Live in Care at Home team is there to help, even if you just need someone to talk things through with. Everyone on the team has either professional or life skills relevant to the business, is a good listener and would be more than happy to have a chat, without obligation. We have good in-house experience of the care sector on varied levels, including the NHS and local government funding policies.

Travel and Accommodation

Clients need to pay the carer their travel costs to and from the engagement up to a maximum of £45 per journey. If the carer uses their own car the standard allowance is 45p per mile.  Carers will generally travel 2nd  class on public transport.

All general food costs should be agreed between the client and carer before the engagement commences.

We do not charge a percentage agency fee on these extra expenses.

So, how much does a live in carer cost?

Daily Charge Guidance for different levels of care…


Personal Care and Support £120.00 £102.00 £18.00
Specialist Care and Support £136.00 £115.60 £20.40
Complex Specialist Care £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
COUPLE Personal Care and Support £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
COUPLE Specialist Care and Support £170.00 £144.50 £25.50
COUPLE Complex Care £190.00 £161.50 £28.50

Mild Learning Disability







Moderate Learning Disability £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
Severe Learning Disability £170.00 £144.50 £25.50

For any question regarding Live in Care Costs you can contact our Live in Care advisers on 0800 955 8845 or by email (