Private Live in Carers

Choosing & Hiring the right Private Live in Carer

Choosing the right Live in Carer for you starts at the registration process when a thorough understanding of all your individual requirements, such as personal needs (e.g. being taken to church), specific medical conditions, domestic duties (e.g. taking care of pets), interests, hobbies, social activities and goals are captured in the form of a “job description”.

We believe in making all efforts to achieve the right personality matching between carer and client. We actively encourage formal interviews and meetings between carers and clients / client family members.

While this may not always be possible or practical in a face-to-face situation (e.g. where travel time and distance is involved and overseas appointments), we will do our utmost to ensure there is as much contact before an assignment as necessary – this may be in the form of telephone or Skype interviews.

While private live in carers may expect travel time and expenses to be paid, we do not charge any arrangement fee for organising interviews.

Where do we provide Private Live in Carers?

Live in Care at Home provides care and support to our clients throughout the UK.

Our skilled and experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that you find exactly the right live-in carer, wherever you are located.

Who sets the live in carer cost?

The Private Live in Carers set their daily rates according to their qualification, experience level and areas of expertise.  You will need to pay the living in carer the rate you agree with them each week.  In addition, you will need to pay Us, the Introduction Agency, our 15% Commission Fee, on the Carer Payment, on an ongoing basis for the duration of the contract and any further contract with the same carer.  This commission fee is defined as an “introductory fee” which is spread out over the length of the contract and any other subsequent contracts with that individual carer.

Our Commission Fee needs to be paid within seven days of you receiving our invoice.

If you wish to cease using our introduction services; that is, not pay us a Commission Fee and decide to engage the carer directly, then you will need to pay us a Permanent introduction Fee described in our terms and conditions.

Please be aware that carers who are working on a self-employed basis have to cover their travel costs and other reasonable expenses such as food.  These arrangements are left for you and the Carer to negotiate; and these payments you make directly to the Live in Carer.

How does an Introduction Agency arrangement work?

Live in Care at Home is classified as an ‘introductory agency’ in line with CQC guidance. Live in Care at Home provides an online care service to facilitate the process of finding home care. We do not directly supply carers to care seekers. Live in Care at Home does not employ carers, nor do we act as an employment agency or employment business.

We conduct an assessment of the needs of the individual Care-Seeker, in order to determine the type of care worker required.  We do not construct or review a care plan detailing the activities needed to deliver the personal care required.  This is because the carer will be directed by the individual needing care or by their family.  We will, of course, offer guidance and support when this is requested from us.

We supply emergency care, respite care and long-term live-in care support.

Live in Carer Selection

It is your responsibility to choose an appropriate live in carer for yourself, your family member, any friend/associate or any other person you are acting for. 247 Live in Care can help you in the process of introducing and recommending a range of carers; but the final choice is yours.

When we know your requirements, we can assist you to carefully match carer to care-seeker, taking into account qualifications, skills, work history, interests and preferences.

We have very thorough recruitment and matchmaking processes and also train the self-employed carers in our training centre.  Our nurse-led assessment team will assist you to find the best-suited live-in carer and will send you their Profile and CV.

Profiles will cover each living-in carers’ key attributes, experience, skills, qualifications, personal qualities, family background, likes and dislikes.

We do not supervise the Private Live-in Carers we introduce

Regular and continuing liaison with the client is maintained to ensure the client is satisfied with the carer and receives the care the family expects. Our carers have at least six months’ experience in home care.

We introduce an additional or replacement care worker when the person receiving care is not satisfied with the existing care worker, or requires cover for a carer’s break, and asks for an additional or replacement care worker. This further introduction is because the person receiving care has requested an additional or replacement care worker and is not as a result of monitoring by the provider who may have identified a need for a change. We ensure that this replacement carer is always booked to seamlessly follow the one before to allow a handover.

We vet our care workers through checking that they have DBS police checks

If the care workers come from abroad we ask them to also obtain comparable police-checks from where they have been living.  We obtain at least two references from previous employers or professional people not related to the applicant.  We request copies of, or visually verify, passports, work permit status and NI numbers. However, it is up to the Care–Seeker to ensure that the person selected by them has a current right-to-work, (i.e. valid passport and visa); and is suitable to meet their needs.

Live in Care at Home recommends that care seekers carry out their own assessment of a carer’s suitability before engaging into a contract with them by:

  • Interviewing carers;
  • Following up on references of carers;
  • Requesting proof of experience, training, qualifications, authorisations and suitability for the position they are applying for;
  • Verifying a carers identity via photographic ID;

However, we do our best to verify medical or clinical qualifications and training certificates supplied to us by applicants.

There is no statutory requirement for a self-employed live in carer to have carer’s personal liability insurance. However, we recommend all carers purchase their own personal care insurance. Ultimately this at the client’s discretion with regard to contracts.  Public liability insurance covers carers in the event that they are sued for damages arising out of bodily injury or property damage by a member of the public (including a client) in the course of their work.

How many hours each day can the Private Live in Carer work?

Private Live-in carers can work seven days a week and be on call for 24 hours, although these details will need to be agreed before the beginning of the assignment.

The minimum number of hours that a daily carer works is usually 8 hours; but many clients prefer the carer to remain with them for 10 to 12 hours in order to ensure that they have help getting up in the morning and getting ready for bed in the evening, but you will need to discuss appropriate remuneration with the carer.

We recommend that carers have a minimum 2-3 hour break during the day. During this break, the carer should be free to leave the property, providing that the client can be left on his / her own. If not, then alternative arrangements will need to be made – ideally through the client’s family or next of kin.

Ideally carers should have sufficient time away to recharge their batteries.  We can arrange relief carers to take over from your main carer for a couple of weeks on a regular basis. In a less complex care package, a carer may request one day off per week, one weekend per month and one week off every 3 months.  In these situations we cannot cover relief care for periods lasting less than a week.

How long a time can a live in carer be assigned?

There are many benefits of familiarity and routine when long-term relationships between carers and clients develop and depending on both parties, this relationship can last many years.

However, to preserve their self-employed status we understand that carers will need to work for at least three different Care Seekers during each financial year.

What accommodation is required for a Private Live in Carer?

A Private Live in Carer will require his/her own bedroom with linen, and ideally with a comfortable chair.

The carer will also need somewhere to hang their clothes. Good washing facilities, including shower and toilet, should be near their bedroom.

The carer will also need somewhere to hang their clothes. A television is desirable if possible, and other amenities would be a bonus. Usually, the access to Wi-Fi is essential for the live-in carer.  The carers need to update their knowledge either with internet searches on specific medical conditions and medication side-effects, or by undertaking e-learning courses on specialised subjects.

Will live in carers cook, clean, do the shopping and other household chores?

Yes, all our live-in carers are screened to ensure they can and are willing to carry out the essential support routines.  They will be matched to your individual needs.

Please see a more detailed list of duties by reading the following sections on our website: Companionship, Personal Care, Advanced and Specialist Care guidelines.

What happens if I am not happy with my live in carer?

We are here to help; and want to resolve any problems. Let us know straight away if you are having problems. We take any allegations of poor care, dishonesty, poor punctuality, incompetence or poor communication very seriously and will replace the carer as soon as possible, if this is what you want.

Please Contact Us

If you’d like to talk to us to discuss the procedures we undertake to ensure our carers are suited to our clients, or would like a discussion on how we can help you select the right carer for your needs, please telephone us on: 0800 955 8845 or email