Support for Young Adults

Supported Living Services

Live in Care at Home provides Supported Living services that allow younger and older people to receive the levels of support they require whilst remaining in their own home. We provide support with their social life, whilst they are studying, or when they are going to work.

All of our supported living services are based on the needs of the people we support. We enable them to make sense of and take control of their lives. Many people want to be able to make decisions and choices with the support of friends and our live in carers. We allow people to lead the lives they want to live. This may be simply supporting when you want to go on holiday for a break. Or longer term, our live in carers will make life easier for you in your own home.

Younger People, their parents and their advocates, are viewed as partners with our 24/7 Live in Care Supported Living services. The on-going support plan drawn up with our support workers will include both immediate and long term goals. By building on the natural strengths, interest and abilities of the individual, we seek to establish and reinforce self-confidence and self-esteem.

The support workers, provided by our supported living services, will be with you wherever you need to live; at your home or at your halls of residence if you are attending university.

They are trained to promote enablement; encouraging people to achieve what they want from life, whatever their current situation.

By building the support plan around the individual, with the person’s full participation, we provide truly independent supported living services, which are bespoke to the individual.

They will assist with basic housekeeping tasks if needed. Those who drive and have a vehicle to use can drive you to lectures, hospital appointments, or to see friends and family. Otherwise they can accompany you on public transport.

Our live-in support workers are also trained to provide personal care when necessary, helping you to manage medication and with washing and dressing, etc.

Our autism-specialist 24/7 Live in Support Workers are engaged on the basis that they possess certain qualities. For example, if working with younger people with autism, we ensure that they have the personal attributes of calmness, predictability, empathy, good humour and an analytical disposition. Our supported living services for those on the autistic spectrum are to support people in living relatively independent lives and for those that also experience learning disabilities.

We have found that many people with autism often feel the need to avoid new or potentially aversive experiences. They are supported to reduce their level of anxiety, helping them to learn to tolerate and accept such experiences. We also encourage them to develop new horizons and skills.

How to Contact Us

For any question regarding supported living services you can contact our Live in Care advisers on 0800 955 8845 or by email (