Carer Support

Carer Support throughout the UK

Spiritual, mental, emotion and physical support are essential for all of us.  It is also important that we encourage our clients to retain their independence; and respect their privacy and dignity.

Alongside supporting with health conditions, manual handling transfers, medication, personal care and nutrition and hydration, our Companion Carers will assist with household tasks, pet care, shopping and getting out and about.

If you are looking for a Live in Companion and Housekeeper in the UK, we offer three main types of Companions:

  • Companions of Distinction
  • Support for Younger People
  • Holiday Companions

Companions of Distinction

Vetted self-employed live-in companions who are very professional and experienced in providing a support service in a domestic setting.

Our bespoke introduction agency service has been introducing high-class companions since 2002; either long-term, for respite, for convalescence after hospital discharge, or as a holiday companion.

Live in Care at Home have an impressive register of professional and committed living in companions and carers, all of whom are experienced, reference checked, interviewed and available.

Our living in companions have very good English-speaking and writing skills.

As an introduction agency we are very selective. We receive a large number of applications from our extensive advertising; and approximately 90% of these we reject due to unsuitability.

We interview all candidates to discuss their career history. During the interview process we assess:

  • The relevant experience of the living in companion, home care skills and their background.
  • The type of post they are looking for and would be suited to.
  • Attitude, professionalism and presentation of the applicant.

Our companions are looking for posts in London, throughout England, and abroad, on a self-employed basis.

Sometimes loyal and hardworking couples are engaged who, for example, would undertake housekeeping, domestic cleaning, basic family cooking, property maintenance, security duties e.g. setting alarms, looking after the cars, driving when required and assisting the gardener during busy periods in the garden. The couple would enjoy preparing basic family meals, be good team players and would work comfortably alongside existing staff.

A Live in Companion is generally responsible for food shopping for the household and keeping household accounts. Catering for the family’s needs, assisting with dinner parties and functions required. Being a companion when attending social events, shopping or simply getting out and about.

Our Companions of Distinction must fulfil certain criteria:

  • A good service history – we require a minimum of two years’ experience in private service.
  • Valid references that we can verify with previous employers.
  • Passport, right-to-work, driving licence and qualifications.

A Live in Companion may provide personal care duties, including assisting with medication.  They will assist with walking or by pushing your wheelchair.

Companionship Care and support, in a person’s daily life in their own home, involves keeping them mentally and physically healthy by engaging in conversation and offering them a helping hand with their choice of activities.  This help has proven to be of enormous value in preventing or reducing the onset of dementia conditions.

Our living in care companions, enable both younger and older adults to carry on living in their own homes, in familiar surroundings with their associated memories, reducing stress; and engaging them in activities such as:

  • Communicating and engaging in interesting conversation
  • Reading the paper with them.
  • Cooking meals and making drinks
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Tidying up
  • Gardening
  • Pet care and dog walks
  • Outings to local places of interest
  • Keeping appointments
  • Going to church

Support for Young People

We provide supported living for people with diverse and complex needs including those with a learning disability, mental health needs, acquired brain injuries and people with autism.

We help younger people to live a fulfilling and happy life. This may involve living alone, finding new house mates or developing more independence in the family home. We match our self-employed companions to individual needs and work in partnership with everyone involved to create the perfect support plan; to get you started.  Supported living is all about empowering people to achieve their dreams, make their own choices and be in control of their support and their lives.

We can support you to achieve independence in your own home. We will help you to maintain a tenancy, provide support to manage money and ensure you are budgeting for bills and food.  We can also help you to find employment and access education courses.

We have found that many people with learning disabilities may feel the need to avoid new or potentially aversive experiences but through the medium of structure and positive, sensitive, supportive rehearsal we can support them in reducing their level of anxiety, helping them to learn to tolerate and accept such experiences; and provide sufficient support in developing new horizons and skills.

Our autism-specialist Live in Carers are endowed with the personal attributes suited to their role.  Additionally, supplementary relaxation and arousal reduction therapies, music and massage, sensory diet etc. may be helpful in promoting calm and general well-being and in reducing anxiety.

Holiday Live in Companion & Carer

Our holiday companions will travel with you and can stay within your accommodation so that whenever you require our assistance, we are available to help. A Holiday Live in Companion is also a friend to share your experiences with and provide engaging company so that you will never feel alone while travelling.

Our helpful staff can ensure that all the transport is suitable for providing a comfortable and safe journey for your requirements. This includes travel to the airport, accessibility requirements, getting to your destination and the disability or accessibility facilities offered by your accommodation.

Whether you want to take part on a cruise ship holiday or stay in a hotel or local accommodation abroad, our helpful care companion will be there to assist with any difficulties that may arise.