24 Hour Care

How does 24 Hour Home Care work?

How does 24 Hour Home Care work? It may be that your mum or dad has medical needs that require a high level of support.  Maybe they are simply lonely and would benefit from a constant companion.

Having someone present 24-hours a day offers peace of mind to relatives, who may not live close.

A live in carer is also ideally suited to deal with any falls or other emergency situations that an older person may experience, day or night. Carers can offer help with any aspect of day-to-day living, including personal care.

If they should need 24 Hour Home Care, we supply a trained professional, nurse led, self-employed carer to live with you in your own home. He/she will be available to care for you seven days a week.  Ensuring that all care and support needs are met.  That they feel safe, secure and looked after in just the way you wish for their wellbeing.

If you, or your loved one, requires both day and night care, we can supply two or three carers.  The live in carer(s) will then have sufficient rest periods, so that they maintain quality performance.

What can we do for you during 24 Hour Home Care?

When you engage with Live in Care at Home, we guarantee that you are introduced to carers that have sufficient training to meet your needs.  This will obviously vary from person to person.  We always respect the individual’s needs and points of view. We are keen to involve families, wherever possible, in order that everyone is happy and comfortable with the 24 Hour Home Care service that we provide.

Ageing is inevitable. It brings many challenges; but with our person-centred support we will contribute to a person continuing to have a fulfilling life.  Our carers have been trained to respect their dignity, fulfil their wishes and encourage their independence.

The live in carer fits into the life of you or your relative.  Not the other way round!  Carers can assist with numerous personal care tasks; as well as preparing and cooking meals, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, going to GP or hospital appointments.  The personalised support will be delivered according to the needs of your relative.

24 Hour Home Care might be suitable if a vulnerable person:

  • Needs a companion in their home for company, conversation and general support; and for outings and shopping.
  • Needs help with personal care, medication, cooking or housework.
  • Respite Care at Home, when your primary Carer needs a break.
  • Is unsteady on their feet, is subject to falls or generally has poor mobility.
  • Values their independence and want to continue to enjoy their social life, garden and hobbies.
  • Has been discharged from hospital and are rehabilitating.
  • Has dementia and need to retain a familiar home environment and regular routines rather than go into a large care home.
  • Wants to keep their pets.

Benefits of 24 Hour Home Care

Many people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible as they grow older.  They are surrounded by familiar décor and furniture.  These are associated with important memories which offset the progress of any dementia conditions.  The close proximity of family and friends is not lost.  With this sense of independence there is improved capacity, function and wellbeing.

You will benefit from the continuity of care that one main home carer will provide over a number of weeks.

There are many benefits to be had from choosing one of our 24 Hour Live in Carers to stay in your home. The list below covers a number of aspects of our care services.  We adapt the service according to your needs.  We are keen to know from you just what you require from a 24/7 carer.  They would be living with you and providing 24 hour home care for a continuous period of time.  This could comprise of the following:

  • Companionship, access to community events, shopping, social engagements and visiting friends.
  • Domestic tasks, laundry, cleaning, preparing and cooking meals, and travelling out and about.
  • Personal Care, including washing, bathing, toileting, dressing and help with medication.
  • Specialist Care for those with dementia, needing palliative care and for those with neurological or complex needs:

Our live in care assessors, if you wish, will carry out a thorough assessment in order that we determine with you the right level of care needed. This includes various risk assessment for health and safety, for lifting equipment and manual transfers.

Reach out to your local Select Carers 24 Hour Home Care Coordinator to receive a free in-home consultation and assessment today.

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