Self Employed Live in Carer Pay Rate

Self Employed Carer Hourly Rate

Setting your own Live in Carer Charge Rate as a Self-Employed Carer

Self-employed live in carers, engaged by our Introduction Agency, have control over what they will be paid and the hours that they work.  Because of this flexibility and because they are often paid more than employed carers, many are opting to be self-employed.  Carers need to keep their own accounts and invoice their clients.  Ensure that the daily Live in Carer Charge Rate that you agree with the client, takes into account that 15% of the Client Charge will need to be paid to us as an Introduction Agency.

Your Live in Carer pay, could be between £714 per week and £910 per week for looking after a single person.  In addition the Carer makes their own arrangements with the client for travel expenses and food allowances.

Ensure that you have Public Liability Insurance if you are working self-employed with clients. Try to obtain a comprehensive insurance package covering all circumstances that you are likely to come across.

When you are put in touch with potential clients by Select Carers you will be interviewing them as well as them interviewing you.   By building a good relationship it will be easier for you to look after their needs.  In return you must ensure that you will be happy in the environment that you will be living and working in.

Remember that you won’t get paid for holidays or sickness, so you need to ensure that this is taken into consideration as well.

How much is a self-employed live-in carer paid?

This is up to you! We recommend that you set a Charge Rate between £840 per week and £1070 per week; with twice the Charge for Public Holidays.

We will help you negotiate the best rates on your behalf with the client or Care Seeker.

Your Carer Profile, which we share with potential clients, will state the minimum Daily Charge Rate that you expect for your skills and experience.

Being self-employed you are responsible for your own Income Tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC.

We recommend that you work for at least three different clients in a care capacity each year in order to maintain your self-employed status.

On the day that you handover to another carer, at the end of or during a break in your contract with the Care Seeker, we recommend that both you and the other carer are each paid for half the day.

Payment of the Client Charge is paid in advance of care delivery, by the Client or Care Seeker, to an escrow Payment Platform.  The Platform will ensure that payments are then made to the Carer and to us as an Introduction Agency after the working week is completed, usually by the Friday following the working week.

Daily Charge Guidance for different levels of care


Personal Care and Support £120.00 £102.00 £18.00
Specialist Care and Support £136.00 £115.60 £20.40
Complex Specialist Care £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
COUPLE Personal Care and Support £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
COUPLE Specialist Care and Support £170.00 £144.50 £25.50
COUPLE Complex Care £190.00 £161.50 £28.50

Mild Learning Disability







Moderate Learning Disability £154.00 £130.90 £23.10
Severe Learning Disability £170.00 £144.50 £25.50

 There is no upper age limit to becoming one of our Select Carers. You will need to be in good health and strong enough to help your clients with safe manual transfers, with bathing and showering or simply to push them in their wheelchair.

Our carers are vetted to ensure that they have a compassionate disposition and are well organised. You should preserve confidentiality; that is, not talk about your clients to friends and family when on your breaks.

You will need to do household tasks, keeping the home clean and tidy. When in a personal care placement you will helping people to wash, dress and use the toilet.

You must understand, speak and write English very well.

For any question regarding how to set your own Live in Carer Charge Rates you can contact Live in Care at Home advisers on 0800 955 0500 or by email (