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Our Introduction Agency specialises in providing fully trained, self-employed live-in Carers to Care Seekers throughout England; and also facilitate the process of vetting live in carers who are looking for live in care jobs. We are family business and have over 19 years of experience in this specialised live in care field.

Our Carers set a Daily Charge Rate (i.e. £120 per 8 hour day), according to their Skills; Experience (care conditions that they can support); the number of hours they are expected to work each day; along with other costs such as personal protective equipment and laundry of working clothes.  Carers need to take into account that 15% of the Daily Charge Rate will be paid to us as an Introduction Agency from the Payment Platform that the Client or Care Seeker pays into in advance of care being delivered.  It is normal to charge double time for working Public Holidays.

This Payment Platform offers security to the Carer that they will be paid each Friday following the Care Week. On no account should the Client or Care Seeker pay you directly this Daily Charge.  However, expenses such as Food and Travel Costs should be negotiated with and paid directly to you by the Client or Care Seeker.

Are you looking for a Live in Care Job?

Become a Self-Employed Live in Carer!

If you have at least twelve months consistent work history working as a care worker in younger or older adult personal care, (and can demonstrate that you have sufficient experience and can be relied upon), then we are interested in adding you to our database; and forwarding your details, profile and CV to clients interested in engaging you as a self-employed carer.  We endeavour to provide an easy pathway to finding the appropriate live in care jobs that match the skills you have to offer our clients.

It will help if you have a manual handling certificate from an established organisation, completed within the last 12 months, and evidence that you have trained regularly throughout your career. If not, we will arrange this for you!

After your interview, in person or by Skype, we will be able to arrange Care Certificate and NVQ training if you require this; and after Registration, (and your agreement to our Terms and Conditions), we will help you set up your profile to enable you to have regular work to fit around your lifestyle.

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Bristol, Plymouth, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Torbay, Somerset, Cornwall, Sussex & Hampshire

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What experience do I need as a Self-Employed Live in Carer?

You will need to be over 18; and have had twelve months previous care experience, dependent upon the environment that you have worked in. Helping a member of your own family is not usually regarded as sufficient experience.

What qualities do I need to become a self-employed live-in carer?

Most of our clients are vulnerable and many are confused or in poor health, so you must be capable of patience and good humour at all times. You will be a genuinely compassionate person; always dependable and with plenty of common sense.

You will need to be physically fit enough to assist your clients with bathing or to push them in their wheelchair.

You should be a reasonable cook and be able to prepare English meals.

You must be happy to do housework and laundry and to keep the home you are staying in clean and tidy.

Being able to understand, speak and write English to a high standard.  Good communication is essential.

What areas do you cover in England?

As an introductory agency, we are currently seeking self employed carers and those looking for jobs for self employed carers; for the following locations:

  • Self employed care jobs Bristol
  • Self employed care jobs London
  • Self employed care jobs Somerset
  • Self employed care jobs Torbay
  • Self employed care jobs Cornwall
  • Self employed care jobs Plymouth
  • Self employed care jobs Devon
  • Self employed care jobs Dorset
  • Self employed care jobs Oxfordshire
  • Self employed care jobs Berkshire
  • Self employed care jobs Wiltshire
  • Self employed care jobs Sussex
  • Self employed care jobs Hampshire

Do I need to be a driver?

Some of our Care Seekers do not require a driver. Some do want the self-employed live in carer to drive on their behalf. It is important that if you accept a booking where you are expected to drive, you ensure that your driving licence is valid and that the client arranges the appropriate insurance cover for you.

If you drive your own car on assignment then you will need to ensure that your business insurance cover is up-to-date.

How many hours will I be expected to work in a live-in care job?

As a self-employed live in carer, you will probably work an average of eight to ten hour day, where you are in contact with the Care Seeker; but you’ll need to be on hand to help the client if needed when you are resting in your bedroom.

You are usually required to work seven days a week.

You should always arrange to have a two-hour break off the premises each day and you’re also never expected to work through the night. Should a client need support throughout the night, then the Client or their family would be expected to make arrangements with us or a local care agency for these periods.

One-to-one Self-Employed Live in Care Jobs

Our 24/7 living in care service is shaped by each individual client’s situation and needs. We aim to promote their independence and enable them to have freedom of choice through one-to-one support.

We assist the Client to make the right choice so that the Carer is accurately matched to client’ needs, culture and interests. Clients, on request, will be sent a number of suitable Carer Profiles.  They will then interview the carers, (often by Skype or WhatsApp), and decide who they wish to engage.  They will then let us know the rate of pay agreed with their chosen carer for the published live in care job.

Live in Care Job payment

The carer is paid every week, through the Payment Platform, after the care, support or companionship has been delivered.  It is important that all parties agree and comply with our terms and conditions in this respect.

To retain their self-employed status it is important that carers have different live in care jobs.  They should work for at least three different clients each year.

What is the process for being engaged by Live in Care at Home?

First:   Register with us using the Registration Form.  Fill in the Carer Profile Form; and send us a photo if you wish this to be seen by Care Seekers on your Profile.  We will arrange a face-to face interview, either on Skype, Facetime, or in one of our branch offices.

Second:  You need to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Third:   Your Profile will be sent to Clients/ Care-Seekers.

You will need to produce some of the following:

Proof of identification & eligibility to work in the UK

  • Passport/s, EU identity card, or Biometric Residence and Work Permit
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK (e.g. visa for non EU passport holders)
  • Proof of address in the UK ( bank, credit card statement or utility bill less than 3 months old)
  • Birth certificate
  • National insurance number
  • Valid photographic driving license

Details of your Skills & Experience

  • Your full CV with up-to-date working history
  • References and training certificates

Additional Training

It will help if you have a manual handling certificate from an established organisation, completed within the last 12 months, and evidence that you have trained regularly throughout your career.  If not, we will arrange this for you!

After your interview, in person or by Skype, we will be able to arrange Care Certificate training, and other specialist training, if you require this. We have regular training updates every fortnight.  A timetable of courses is available on request.

Self-employed Live in Care Jobs Information

To find out about registering as self-employed with HMRC you can use below link:

How to become a self-employed paid carer?

To obtain a DBS as a self-employed person you can obtain a basic check from the DBS’s Disclosure Scotland
About DBS disclosure Scotland

You can also obtain a DBS through Sunshine People Nursing Agency  by sending them appropriate ID through registered post. Currently this costs just £85; and includes the cost of an Enhanced DBS with baring list check and their administration costs.

Otherwise you will need to obtain a standard or enhanced disclosure through joining another recruitment or care agency.

About 24/7 Live in Care introductory service

Live in Care at Home is classified as an ‘Introductory Agency’ in line with CQC guidance.

Live in Care at Home does not employ carers, nor do we act as an employment agency or employment business.

For any question regarding the Self-Employed Live in Care Jobs you can contact Live in Care at Home advisers on 0800 955 0500 or by email (